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Frequently Asked Questions - Orders

Online checkout is quick, convenient, and 100% secure Order anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!, Receive an instant order confirmation, Online orders are sent directly to our warehouse for priority processing, Tracking information is automatically emailed when order is shipped.

We are an outboard motors supplier that has been operating for more than 7 years. and we have served more than 100 buyers a week from abroad. Apart from this we accept secure payments for online buyers. You do not need to worry when shopping, we will do the shipment within 24 hours after receiving a confirmation from you. Many sellers of outboard motors but can not provide comfort to you. here we provide a 100% money back guarantee. and what are our strengths as your supplier? 1. All the outboard that we sell are original and have an official guarantee directly from factories in Japan & US. all outboards are equipped with accessories and warranty cards valid internationally. 2. We offer free shipping and duty tax for international buyers. 3. We offer discount up to 10 % OFF. 4. We provide a guarantee in the event of loss, damage during the shipping process. We hope that with this agreement you can accept with pleasure. and no need to worry.

We accept all forms of major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also have the option to use Paypal and Bank Telegraphic Money Transfer Payments. At this time, we do not accept prepaid cards ! If you have store credit available it will automatically apply in full to your next order. Any difference will be billed to you. Where Can I See My Store Credit? To see your store credits, and log in to your account . Your store credit amount will be listed under “Store Credit.” Store credits will automatically apply to your next order.

We ship all over the world to over 200 countries ! USA ,CA / AU,NZ / EUROPE / ASIA / MIDDLE EAST. Orders received by 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, are shipped on the same day. What is the advantage of buying from us ? We offer secure free shipping and tax worldwide with tracking code by registered air freight service. You don’t need to pay tax in your country. We have paid all fees from here. How long does the delivery process to my country? Since 2018 We have changed the policy regarding the process of shipping goods abroad. Many of our buyers are dissatisfied with expensive taxes. this year we are looking for solutions to be able to provide tax free to our customers. Estimated time of arrival to your country is approximately 25-27 working days. and will not be more than this. and this applies to all buyers from abroad whether you are from US, Europe and others. Everything is the same. with this policy that we issued, we have made it easy for you so that you no longer need to pay taxes in your country.

If you have problems regarding the product, please discuss with us first what is the cause and how damaged the product you are getting. You don’t need to worry if you get this. as long as the product warranty card applies we are responsible for resolving it. please contact us via email or livechat. We will provide some solutions later, that is : 1. Exchange the product for a new one, if the product is malfunctioning, damaged or defective. You are not charged any fees for this. 2. Provides a 100% money back guarantee. if you are not interested anymore. with the condition that the product must be sent to our office first. We have shipped more than 1000 units of products per year. and very rarely gets complaints like this. usually just a matter of damage to spare parts after a few years of use.

Orders received by 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, are shipped on the same day. We hope you can be patient. and please do not panic, get angry and cancel unilaterally without notice. give us a maximum of 2 x 24 hours. because we will arrange the package along with the shipment. We try to ship within 24 hours. You will be notified of your package shipment information via email. Please log in to your account or check your email for this information. if you do not hear from more than 48 hours about this. please ask our sales via live chat or email. we will check immediately.

We will ship directly from our distributor representatives located in Singapore, Hong Kong we will notify you after shipping.

According to the agreement we gave to international buyers. We give 100% money back if there are problems that cannot be resolved between the two parties. If you do not receive the package within 27 working days. counted since shipping, tell us. give us 2 x 24 hours to check. If within 2 x 24 hours we are not able to complete it then We will refund to you within 24 hours. provide payment information to us. This is the agreement that we gave to you so that you are comfortable to transact to us. usually this is very rare. even so we still provide protection or satisfaction in shopping with us.

Frequently Asked Questions - Products

No. We sell only brand new current model year outboards.

All outboard motors that appear visible on our website are available for sale. You can see the status of the stock in the description. You don’t need to hesitate to shop online. please select the outboard that you are looking for and make payment online.

Tohatsu and Nissan 4-strokes include a 5 year warranty (effective Jan. 1, 2013). Warranty service is available through any one of the 850 Tohatsu or Nissan Marine service centers located U.S. and Canada, Europe & Asia . If you need help locating a service center in your area, please email us and include your zip code. These service centers can also provide service after the warranty period. Honda, Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude : The warranty card will be filled according to the buyer’s name from the date of order from us. we as a supplier or distributor representative will provide 3-5 years warranty if there are complaints about spare parts. we will check all the quality of the outboard before we ship to you.

Outboards undergo an extensive factory inspection, including a tank test prior to being crated. While other manufacturers only spot check some engines, Tohatsu and Nissan test every engine. This ensures the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction upon delivery. Engine oil must be added prior to use. The engine oil is drained by the factory prior to shipping. When your new outboard arrives, you simply add engine oil (amount and type are shown on page 1 of manual). The lower unit gear lube is pre-filled from the factory. No assembly is required. Even the propeller is pre-installed for your convenience. If you purchase an electric start model, your outboard will include battery leads pre-installed from the factory (battery not included). You simply connect the battery leads to your battery. Read the owner’s manual carefully prior to operation. The owner’s manual contains important information regarding the break-in period, safety and proper use of your outboard engine. On the off chance that you’ve returned more than one request in a similar bundle, please permit up to 24 hours for all backed things to be prepared. The time it takes for your bundle to contact us shifts relying on where you are returning it from.

Four-stroke outboards use 10W-30 or 10W-40 four-stroke motor oil. We recommend a FC-W® rated NMMA (marine) certified four-stroke engine oil when available (10W-30 or 10W-40)

The minimum octane rating that you should use is 87, however, the mfg recommends using gasoline with an octane rating of 89 or higher when possible.

Yes. All tiller operated outboards equipped electric start (30hp and below) also have the standard manual thru-cowling pull cord. You do not have to remove the cowling or do anything special. No more missed boating trips due to a dead battery. All electric start models also feature a 12V charging system as standard pre-installed equipment so engines can be manually crank started to recharge a dead or weak battery.

Yes. All tiller operated outboards equipped with electric start (30hp and below) also have the standard manual thru-cowling pull cord. You do not have to remove the cowling or do anything special. No more missed boating trips due to a dead battery. All electric start models also feature a 12V charging system as standard pre-installed equipment so engines can be manually crank started to recharge a dead or weak battery.

If mounting directly to a boat transom: Measure from the top of the transom down to the bottom of the hull or keel (lowest point). Measure the area of the transom directly where the engine will be mounted. See diagram below. If using an auxiliary mounting bracket: With the bracket in the down position, measure from the top of the bracket’s mounting surface down to the bottom of the hull or keel (lowest point where engine will be mounted). Tip: For most auxiliary applications, it is possible to use a longer shaft length than what is called for, provided there is sufficient clearance when the engine is in the up position. This can be especially useful in heavy seas. If measuring an existing outboard: Measure from the inside top of mounting bracket down to anti-cavitation plate above propeller (this is the largest plate/fin directly above the propeller).

Yes. All portable outboards are designed for saltwater and freshwater use. These outboards are used by commercial fisherman worldwide and are prized for their long-term durability over years of demanding saltwater use. For maximum durability and corrosion protection, all outboards feature: High Grade Marine Alloy Construction, Stainless Steel Water Pump Housings, Zinc Coated Internal Water Passages, Sacrificial Zinc Anodes, and Exclusive Multi-Layer Protective Coating.